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    3 Agustus 2018

    Training is a people business and our advantage lies in the people we partners with. Our team i.e project coordinators, instructors, consultants and administration staffs understands the way the people like to work. You can expect training to be customized exactly to your needs and convenience with full quality-control. We view clients’ concern from a universal point-of-view, not from a product perspective.

    We partner with clients to deliver mutually beneficial results that address their concerns and we consolidate the various services offered to create the most effective and customized solution. Clients can expect nothing but objective analysis, assessments, unbiased and timely information, and a results-oriented delivery of services. We give comprehensive recommendations and establish an enduring business relationship build around trust.

    Our pre-training and consultancy activities include in depth interview with managers to determine and analyze their concerns in getting specific deliverables, and  interview with cross-section of participants to know their strengths and weaknesses by getting actual experiences as examples for training and / or consultancy. These measures will customize our programs to your specific needs and give your employee the best you can find. We conclude our sessions with evaluation and feedback from all participants and incorporating these with the observations of the consultants in charge of our programs. This will lead to several recommendations for sustaining any achievements and encouraging further improvement.

    We provide training programs and consultancies in the area of human resources, leadership, strategic planning, customer service, treasury management, technology, etc.
    We collaborate with Risk Management Andalan Partnership (RiskMan) and Risk Management Association (RMA) to provide  trainings  for banking and other financial institutions in the areas of credit management, risk management, operational risk and other financial matters. We provide training consultants  from various aspects and expertise to enrich our training services and consultancy integrated solutions.

    The following are our experts executive consultants and we elaborate their respective experience in detail for our potential client perusal:
    1. Andi Mohammad Hatta, Executive Strategic Management Consultant
    2. Antakirana, Executive Performance Consultant
    3. Deddy Effendi Ridwan, Executive Banking &  Operation Consultant
    4. Dian Angreniwati Soerarso, Executive Individual Banking Consultant
    5. Frits Simandjuntak, Executive Human Resources Consultant
    6. Oscar, Executive Treasury Consultant
    7. Lydia Halim, Executive Service Consultant
    8. Mustafa Ishak Jatim, Executive Strategic Business Consultant

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