• Protectors

    3 Agustus 2018

    Protectors is ready to partner with client (s) by providing professional security guard operation supported by educated and trained personnel (either men or woman ) . as well as tool and equipment with POLRI standardization . We are always  to keep and securing asset . business and the environment work partner for 24 hours only. Beside on Security Force Provider we are also ready to serve our clients with the Security Consultation that serves  24 hours a day to provide essential and crucial security information in entire Indonesia which  updated by minute to minute , so it can be utilize as a guidance for our clients to do or not to do travel / business plants at the desired location .

    This can be a good reference that benefit for early prevention of adverse things . Our service is based on the 3S (Senyum [Smile], Salam [Greeting], Sapa [Asking]) . 3T (Tegas [Assertive], Terampil [Skillful], dan teliti [Detail Oriented]) and based on adequate information technology to create safe and comfortable working environment

    • Provide Integrated Security System
    • CCTV, Watchman Clock, Walk Thrue Detector, Inspection Mirror, Access Control System
    • Driver Guard & VIP Body Guard
    • Training & Development Security  & Facility Services
    • Integrated Property Management (civil, engineering, cleaning, parking, pest control, etc)

    We also provide other services, that is provision encapsulating the management of cleaning service, OB/OG (Office Boy/Grl), Messenger, Receptionist, SPG, Sales Force, Canvaser, Nurse Auxilaries, for Hospital, as well as other skilled and educated supporting, workforce for back office and front office to support our clients in all lines of business.
    All of our services are supported by professional management  as well as exper in their field, and based on the philosophy “Mutual Respect, Mutual Trust, Mutual Benefit” (MRTB) therefor we went with the optimism to be valuable partners  for our clients.

    • Full Company Legalities and accordance to the valid government regulation
    • Management based on Quality Control Techniques
    • Independent Training & Development
    • Communication System Supported by IT and current equipment
    • Solid Team Work powered by experienced & expert personnel
    • Special team for handling cases or complain for 24 hours
    • Communicative, Responsive & Accomodative

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