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    3 Agustus 2018

    Our recruitment activities (“Recruiters”) offer the following services:

    Senior Officers Search. Specifically for a permanent recruitment needs; for years “Recruiters” have pioneered and refined the art of Senior Officers search as a part of our executive search services in Indonesia. These Senior Officer roles compensate crucial top positions within the organization: Supervisors, Managers, AVPs, VPs, GMs. Our extensive tools and thorough search process will cast a wide network and find the perfect individual to place at the head of your operations.

    Benefits for above services would include the following:

    • Employment  search  through  our  internal  Talent  Bank  data  base  (more  than 160.000 CVs), and JobsDB, JobStreet Data Exchanges.
    • Adapt  to  your  needs,  we  deliver  both  full  cycle  recruitment  or  just  handle sourcing, paper screening, interview, or reference checking.
    • Standard of one time replacement guarantee until Three (3) months, from the date of hiring.

    Survey of the specifications and requirements of the position in terms of functions, qualifications, experiences, etc.

    Selection of candidates from :

    • Talent Bank Search – we have a ready pool of candidates for different specializations. As we have stated, we shall also refer to our active files (Coded Summary/Blank CVs) to come up with possible    candidates for you to consider.
    • Direct Headhunt through the active market (“Recruiters” only)
    • Acknowledgement of all replies.
    • Preliminary screening interviews.
    • Further in-depth interviews of appropriate candidates using Bahasa Indonesia and English
    • Preparation of shortlisted candidates.
    • Arrangement of interviews with your company and guidance on final selection. In the  event  that  shortlisted  candidates  were  sourced  through  Talent  Bank  and through Special Search, the client expressly agrees to interview and advise JCI on the outcome within four (4) weeks from the date of submission of the shortlist. This is intended to protect the client from any untoward developments that may arise from the candidate’s side such as new salary increases, loss of interest or other job offers.
    • Reference check on successful candidate/s (optional-by client instruction).
    • Notice to all candidates on final outcome.
    • Post-hiring evaluation on the successfully placed candidate/s within a period of three months from the date of hiring.

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