• Riskman

    3 Agustus 2018

    RiskMan was established in October 2005 by Senior Executive bankers among whom are Andi Mohammad Hatta (former Vice President Director of Bank Niaga and Commissioner of Lippo Bank), Rudy Capelle (former CEO Of Bank Niaga ) and Stephen Z.Satyahadi (former President Director of Bank Universal) to provide training and related consulting in the financial services industry.
    Risk Man objective is to bring top quality international risk management competency by highly experienced Indonesian bankers and business people to help financial institution prepare for a much more professional and competitive financial market within the envelope of the New Basel Capital Accord being adopted by Indonesian Central Bank.
    RiskMan serves as Indonesia sole implementer for the Risk Management Association (www.rmahq.org) which was founded in 1914 and is primary source of risk training in the US and around the world. RMA is a non-profit organization, member driven professional association whose sole purpose is to advance the use of sound risk principles in the financial services industry with headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    Modernizing the financial service industry, companies must equip all their staff members with the appropriate knowledge in order to embrace the challenges,  particularly in managing risks. RiskMan is committed to support Indonesia financial service companies by offering a complete range of risk management  training which focuses on credit risk, market risk and operational risk. Programs are tailored to an individual bank’s need – Understanding Small Business Customer, Understanding Your Middle Market Customer, Structuring Commercial Loan, RMA Lending Academy, Commercial Credit for Lender, to name a few.

    Views client concern from a universal point-of-view, not from a program prospective. We partner with clients to deliver mutually beneficial results that address their concerns and consolidate the various services offered to create the most effective solution. Clients can expect nothing but objective analysis and assessments, unbiased and timely information, and a result oriented delivery of services. We give comprehensive recommendations and establish an enduring business relationship built around trust. We conclude each training session with written evaluation and feedback from all participants and by incorporating these with the observations of the consultants in charge of training. This will lead to several recommendations for sustaining achievements and encouraging further improvement

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